Health: Who's Responsible?

Algorithm I

OutcomesWho's Responsible?

The path to a good outcome is hardly straightforward. Anywhere along the way, systems and behaviors can advance patients forward or set them back. Government metrics tried to ensure safe passage, but 1,700 checklist boxes later, no one is satisfied. Patients and providers are starting to take matters into their own hands and hold each other accountable.

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Algorithm II

Community HealthWho's Responsible?

No doubt, we’re starting to recognize that health is a mishmash of factors that extend way beyond our health care comfort zone. Now our challenge is how to stretch our imaginations, work together and trust one another, so we can be there for individuals and populations when and where they need us.

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Algorithm III

CuresWho's Responsible?

If our scientific progress to cure diseases has been underwhelming, perhaps we need to examine our expectations—not only for what’s possible, but how we work together. Just as we need to balance hope and realism, we need to discover new ways for the worlds of scientists, clinicians, students and patients to collide.

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Algorithm IV

LearningWho's Responsible?

With biomedical knowledge compounding every minute, there’s no way for our human brains to sort through it all. New tools, innovative curriculums and even robots will only get us so far. We’ll need a culture of continual learning and people to model how to embrace a brave new future.

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Algorithm V

Well-BeingWho's Responsible?

Providers are tired—burned out by the emotional stresses of the job, the pressures of the EHR, patient satisfaction, endless metrics . . . the list goes on. How do we balance always wanting to do better for patients without compromising the well-being of the people delivering their care?

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